Accused tire slasher David Toledo posts bail

May 11, 2012 5:18:44 PM PDT
The man accused of slashing his neighbors' tires in Mayfair is out of prison after posting bail.

David Toledo is staying at his mother's house in Northeast Philadelphia instead of returning to his own house in Mayfair. He has a lot of angry neighbors there. And residents of his mother's neighborhood don't want him around here either.

"We don't want the trouble here again. It was here before he moved," said Jim, a neighbor.

The last time Toledo lived at his mother's house neighbors say they were frequently victims of vandalism. That was a little over a year ago.

Now he is charged with slashing dozens of tires in Mayfair where he moved with his wife last fall.

Toledo was an outspoken town watch member who claimed his tires had been slashed multiple times. Police say it was Toledo all along who terrorized the neighborhood for months.

He has been in jail for the past two weeks, unable to make $270,000 bail. Early this morning, his mother posted 10 percent to get him out.

His mother's neighbors aren't happy about it. They say Toledo was responsible for a wave of vandalism around here.

"Bombed their houses with eggs," said Jim. "Anyone who talked to his mother the wrong way got bombed, vandalized."

Toledo was never charged in connection with the alleged vandalism around here. His lawyer says he is also looking forward to defending himself.

"He's happy to being out of jail and he's looking forward to getting together with me and reviewing the evidence or lack thereof and defending himself on these charges," said attorney William J. Brennan.

Brennan says he's worried for Toledo's safety. There've been numerous threats that he's turned over to the police.

Residents of his mother's neighborhood are also worried about vigilantes coming around. But some are more worried about Toledo.

One neighbor named Kia built a fenced enclosure for their car.

"That's why we actually went and got the fences because everything was happening over there and we found out. We're a little freaked out," she said.

So far, Toledo is keeping a low profile here. No sign of him, his wife, or his mother even though their cars are parked out on the street.