Neshaminy teachers to strike Monday

June 1, 2012 2:39:44 PM PDT
With negotiations breaking down late Thursday night, Neshaminy School District teachers say they will go on strike beginning Monday, June 4th.

This news comes just two weeks before high school seniors are set to graduate.

Talks between the school board and the teachers broke off on Thursday night after three hours of negotiation.

This will be the second strike this school year for Neshaminy. While teachers will be required by law to return to the job within two weeks, that pushes the end of the school year back, interfering with summer vacations and other family plans.

"My daughter has to go all the way to the end of June if they strike for 10 days. I don't like it at all," said John Hurlock of Humeville, Pa.

"It stinks. I can't wait until my daughter is out of this school district," said Steve Bianco of Feasterville.

The only people who seem to like this turn of events are the seniors, who are now done with high school. Their final exams, scheduled for next week, have now been cancelled and their final grades will be based on the four reporting periods.

They will still graduate, on schedule, on June 13th.

"I'm really happy that it's happening because we get out earlier and nothing really changes for us. It works out, we get out of finals!" said senior Mady Rodway.

"I feel bad for the underclassmen, though, because they have to stay for a while but, other than that, I'm happy," said senior Danielle Pileggi.

The teachers have been without a contract for four years now. They walked off the job for eight days in January. They won a non-binding arbitration award from a state mediator, but that was rejected by the school board last month.

The teachers offered to negotiate through the weekend, but the school board rejected that idea.