Indoor surfing at the Jersey Shore!

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. - June 8, 2012

And let's just say it's now a great way to wipe out the weight!

"We have to get off that beach! First thing we are going to do is paddle out!" fitness instructor Mark Hartwick tells his class.

"Everybody is smiling, a sunny day at the Jersey Shore! Push through it, find that center! Party wave, little carve here, move that weight!" he shouts.

At Revel Resort and Casino in Atlantic City, the surf's up: indoors!

Even if you've never stepped foot on a board, with SurfSet, you can sculpt a long and lean surfer's physique fit for a wetsuit, washboard abs and all.

"We are doing cardio, we are doing balance, we are doing strength training," Hartwick explains.

The Rip Surfer X Trainer is a life-sized surfboard bungeed to three Bosu balls.

"The instability is the key part of the workout," explains Hartwick.

From shark kicks to duck dives, hanging ten can be a little harrowing at first, with the constant simulated rocking motion of the ocean beneath you.

"Every time you move around on the board you are going to re-set that core," said Hartwick.

But once those waves are cranking, it's time for a little fancy footwork and a full-body workout.

"With a pop-up it's actually a pushup with a burpee," said Hartwick. "And then you are stepping back into that lowered squat position."

"You will sweat! The next day I definitely felt it!" one class member told Action News.

And while you will see a few wipeouts, pros say the best part about surfing indoors is no sunburns – and NO SHARKS!

And speaking of fitness at Revel, this weekend Revel's Spa is celebrating well-being at an event called Shake Your Chakra.

It features the spa's fitness classes in spaces across the resort, coupled with music, food and cocktails.


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