Thunderstorms leave many without power

June 23, 2012 10:08:10 PM PDT
The lights are back on and the air conditioners are humming again for most of the people who lost power during last night's storms, but some people are still waiting.

Friday night's storms left behind some damage for homeowners to clean up this weekend.

Chainsaws were working overtime Saturday in several Delaware Valley communities after violent storms ripped through the area Friday night causing damage and sparking thousands of power outages.

In Bear, Delaware, residents in the Hickory Woods development found wood debris in yards and on the streets. Others had to deal with roof damage and trees blocking roadways.

"It was pretty nasty," said Annette Shehan. "You couldn't even see out the window. It was coming down so hard all you could see was rain. You could see debris blowing."

In Hamilton Township, N.J., firefighters battled a fire at Benton Graphics on Industrial Drive Friday night. Investigators believe lightning may be to blame.

In South Jersey, Virginia Barber had to deal with a massive mess after trees snapped all around her house.

"It was crazy. We heard the wind and then the hail started hitting the windows on the kitchen side," said Barber.

A large tree was uprooted and toppled onto Barber's air conditioner, leaving her with no air conditioning, but spared her home.

"My house was built in 1910, and I'm sure them trees have been here just as long if not longer," said Barber.

The strong winds tossed heavy limbs onto power lines leaving a lot of Atlantic City Electric customers in the dark.

"Over on these side streets there are a lot of elderly people, and some of them are in their beds and can't get out, and they're stuck in the houses. They're not coming out here to do anything," said Paul Beck.

Beck says the power company told him and his neighbors they hope to get the lights back on by Sunday.