Corbett 'disappointed' in old PSU leadership

July 19, 2012 12:22:58 PM PDT
Gov. Tom Corbett says he's still reading through the report that accuses top Penn State administrators of covering up child-sexual abuse allegations against Jerry Sandusky, but he criticized former leaders of the university.

Corbett, who as state attorney general launched the Sandusky investigation, told reporters Thursday he was disappointed by the university's "incomplete" response to subpoenas issued by prosecutors early in their investigation.

He cited court papers that say e-mails contradicting the grand jury testimony of two former Penn State administrators were only recently turned over even though they were subpoenaed long ago.

Corbett also commented on the possibility the NCAA may shut down Penn State's football program because of the scandal. He says he hopes the association considers the harm a shutdown would have on central Pennsylvania's economy.