Parenting: Potty training accidents

July 26, 2012

I wasn't even in town when it happened! My husband was about to drive me to the airport for "Dancing with the Stars" and my little guy wouldn't put his diaper on. Even though my husband had a busy schedule, my son didn't have an accident for days.

Now we fast forward nearly two years and he seems to regress at times. If he's busy playing, he will simply go the bathroom in his pants. He doesn't seem to care in the least bit!

When I admonish him, he looks at me and says, "It will dry Mommy." I've been pulling my hair out and apparently handling it all wrong.

On the website Aha Parenting, Dr. Laura says there is a lot of data showing that disciplining your child for potty training accidents actually encourages more accidents! She says this can quickly become a power struggle with your child.

Dr. Laura suggests being patient and encouraging movement in the right direction while reminding your child that they have to stop playing in enough time to make it to the bathroom.

I'm going to try this at home and hope it provides a little peace!

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