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August 6, 2012

Tuition goes up every year and so you save even more each year (hopefully). Those additional savings, even compounded over time, still seem to equal NOT ENOUGH.

If this is your problem, perhaps Udacity is for you. Udacity is an online school of higher education and its tuition rhymes with "hero."

That's right, taking classes with Udacity costs you zero. It is free. One of its founders, German entrepreneur Sebastian Thrun, helps make this possible by using some of his personal fortune.

The problem with Udacity is you don't get a standard college diploma when you complete its coursework and not all majors and fields of study are represented.

Udacity's founders are working to convince tech companies to recognize its accreditation, and some are doing so. In fact, Udacity says some companies are actually recruiting from its users.

What does Udacity offer? Here are some course titles: "Build a Search Engine," "Landmarks in Physics," "Programming a Robotic Car," and "Science of Secrets." Clearly, Udacity is not a typical college education experience that offers Math 101, a chance to join a fraternity, and a meal plan.

This blog is of course is not an endorsement of Udacity (I personally do not have any connections to the organization, I merely found out about it by reading another blog). However as a parent who hopes to see his children attain a college degree one day, it is encouraging to see people thinking outside the box.

Plus the potential of one day receiving a degree online and on the house? I'm almost giddy.

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