Vick suffers contusion, no broken bones

PHILADELPHIA - August 21, 2012

That is the results coming from the MRI and CT scan conducted on the Philadelphia Eagles star quarterback after he was taken out of yesterday's game.

According to the results, released by the Eagles, there is also no fractured cartilage.

Vick did suffer a contusion to his ribs and soft tissue.

Vick left his second straight preseason game after six snaps on Monday Night Football on 6abc against the New England Patriots when he was drilled by Patriots linebacker Jermaine Cunningham.

Evan Mathis took responsibility for Vick getting hurt because he missed a block.

Vick left the game, but tried to talk head coach Andy Reid into letting him come back out after X-rays on his ribs were negative.

"He's sore. He was trying to talk to me into going back in so how sore is sore? He had a good shot there," Reid said.

Vick's body has taken a beating during his career.

Back when he was a Falcon, he broke his right ankle.

Then with the Eagles, two seasons ago, he had a rib injury involving the cartilage by the breastbone.

Last season, he suffered a concussion, a bruise to the right hand, and then two broken ribs.

This preseason, he hurt his left thumb and now he has this rib injury.

Dr. Ira Sachs of PCOM says Vick doesn't get hurt more than the average NFL player, but he does tend to get injuries that take him out of the game for several reasons.

One is the aggressive way he plays.

"He will not give up on a play; he wants to make a play," Dr. Sachs said. "I think the first or second plays last night, he ran the ball, and instead of sliding, he dove right in between two would-be tacklers. If that's the way you play, you're going to get hurt."

Although Vick has promised to take fewer risks, Dr. Sachs says it's very hard for a pro to change the way they've played all their life.

But Michael Vick might have to, to keep his career going.

"You would think, that hopefully going into the season he's really going to protect himself," Dr. Sachs said.

Right now, Dr. Sachs says age is not a factor in recovering from the injuries given Michael Vick's physical condition.

But it could become a factor in the future.

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