Adam Joseph previews the Unite Fitness Decathlon

September 15, 2012

It's called the Unite Fitness Decathlon and its 10 fitness challenges following by a 10K run.

"There's tons of races out there. There are mud runs. There are triathlons. Everything is focused just on the endurance element…and we're really about integrating endurance, strength and power training," said Gavin McKay, Unite Fitness.

It starts with a few dumbbell challenges - men use 30 pound dumbbells and women use 15 pounds

Then you're onto the ropes and a wave followed by a 50 pound drag.

After that it's time to turn on the power with some burpee broad jumps, box jumps, and 50 reps on a two-foot high picnic table.

With six fitness challenges down, it's time to sit - sit for the tricep dip, which is challenge number seven.

Next we pull our own weight with suspension cables then back rows followed by chest presses. Men haul a 30 pound sack and women use 15 pounds.

The 10th and final challenge is the ruck hill run.

All the grunt work is not just for a good body but also a good cause.

"We linked up with our local SPCA, the PSPCA, for animal welfare," said McKay.

Your hard-earned sweat will help pets like Jackson, Purdy, and Oreo find good homes.

"There's a lot of research and studies that show animals contribute to a healthy lifestyle," said Marc Peralta, VP and CEO of PSPCA.

The animals are filled with energy and I will be too. Come out, race with me and everyone else on October 6 at the Unite Fitness Decathlon in Wissahickon Park.

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