New year, new maestro for Phila. Orchestra

PHILADELPHIA - December 30, 2012

Yannick Nezet Seguin is only the 8th music director to lead the fabulous Philadelphians. He was last here in October and he returns in the New Year with a gift for his new adopted city.

For his first season, Yannick is giving the audience the composers and works of music he loves most.

In a program that kicks off January 16th, he performs pieces by Ravel and Shostakovich, who he calls the greatest symphonic composer after Beethoven.

"And this 5th symphony is famous not only because it's gorgeous music but because it was officially pretending to be a tribute to the regime. Actually it has a double message and double meaning, which is something quite rare in history," said Yannick.

The following week, he'll present the works of Wagner and Bruckner, whose 7th symphony is lush with the sounds of strings.

"We can hear villages having little parties on weekends. We can hear more intimate music that we would imagine him in his little house. He was a very, very charming man," said Yannick.

Yannick will also conduct the annual Academy Ball, which features guest artist Hugh Jackman, fresh off of his filming of Les Miserables.

"These musicians are so great - on an individual basis, they can play jazz, they can play Broadway. And that's why we want to collaborate with artists like Hugh Jackman," said Yannick.

Before Yannick arrives in Philadelphia, concertmaster David Kim will take the baton - a rare event where the concertmaster is also the conductor.

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