How to save on appliances

November 12, 2012

That's according to a recent survey by the Delaware Valley Consumer Checkbook.

Checkbook surveyed subscribers and compared prices at more than 40 appliance stores -- both locally-owned and major chains.

And they made some surprising discoveries, especially when it comes to pricing.

"We found big price variations," explains Checkbook Executive Editor Kevin Brasler. "We found one refrigerator where the price range was from $200 to $3000. And a few models that we shopped, we found $900 differences."

Brasler explains that manufacturers set minimum prices that stores can advertise. But that doesn't mean you can't beat those prices with a few phone calls, email or face-to-face chats.

Brasler explains, "The manufacturers' advertised minimum price that they set -- that almost all manufacturers have now to control pricing -- really works to the benefits of the big chains more than anyone else. The minimums are only good for published prices . But if you call, you can get prices below those minimums, but you have to call or email."

When asking about price, make sure to find out whether delivery, installation and removal of your old appliance are included or additional.

And if you want to save, don't be talked into the buying the extended warranty.

Brasler pleads, "Please don't buy extended warranties. Please don't let salespeople tell you what great deals they are. Just say 'no thank you.' We find that extended warranties are really good deals for the stores that sell them, but are inevitably bad deals for the people who buy them."

To learn more about the Checkbook survey, click here.

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