Researchers find a new way to fight belly fat

October 23, 2012

A lot of people struggle with belly fat especially as they get older, and studies have shown that belly fat, more than other types of fat, can put people at risk for different health problems like diabetes and dementia.

But some researchers say we may be able to fight belly fat with an injection.

At Ohio State University, they are melting bad fat that's called the "white" fat, by using good fat, known as "brown" fat.

For the injection, they use cells from the brown fat and put them in a tiny gel-like capsule.

Eighty days after injecting mice, the mice lost 20% of their "white" or bad fat.

"In your visceral fat, your abdominal fat, the bad fat, we started seeing it become more thermogenic, start seeing it become more likely to burn calories," said Dr. David DiSilvestro.

Still some of the fat did return after the injection, but not all of it, even when the mice were put on high-fat diets.

They will start testing the shots on humans in a few years.

Researchers say the best way to banish belly fat is still with exercise and cutting calories, but the injection could help people who are not able to do that.

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