Mrs. Fixit: Protecting Electronics

November 10, 2012

If you tend to snack while you're surfing the internet you know that your mousepad can get a little gunky from your fingers and food, to protect it, secure a post it note over the pad.

The post it won't interfere with the mousepad at all, but the pad with stay clean and grease free.

If you're cooking or working on a project where your hands will get messy, slip your touch screen device in a plastic zip top bag.

You will be able to work the phone and see the touch screen devices can get banged up and smashed pretty quickly in your handbag.

Grab a hard shell glasses case and slip those fragile electronics into it. You can easily slip the case into your bag or a coat pocket and it will protected from unintended bumps and drops.

A few easy ways to protect your electronics from unnecessary roughness! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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