Room decor for any season

PHILADELPHIA - November 8, 2012

Having said that, a few pointers from a professional may be all you need to turn your home from wish-it-were-great to magazine-perfect.

We met up with award-winning interior designer Marc Thee on his recent visit to Center City. He's done homes from coast to coast and is featured on the website, "Altogether Home". Thee's first rule of design respects trends but doesn't worship them.

There are hot colors every season, and they will change. But the right neutral shades...stone, palomino, charcoal gray...always look good and never go out of style. So he suggests basing your decor on these.

Once you do that, you use accessories to build in splashes of color you can change at will...perhaps leaf-like tones for fall, but refreshing water-like colors and greens for spring. This could be as simple as displaying different pillows and throws.

Next, Thee suggests getting in touch with who you are. Your possessions are an extension of your personality. Displaying them makes a residence your home. But how you do that is key.

If you tightly cluster like objects, they will look like a collection rather than clutter. These may also be changed from time to time as your interest shifts.

Thee also recommends being daring with things that are easy to change. Even people who don't like to paint will admit it isn't hard once the surface is prepared.

So you can make a bold color choice...perhaps several shades darker or more saturated than your first impulse...and end up with a vibrant space rather than an ordinary one.

If you don't like it, it's simple to change. Like seasonal clothing trends, room decor fashion can be implemented at any price point.

Thee says "Altogether Home includes a look-for-less section which helps you achieve the look you want within any budget."

The site also markets various home products but there is never obligation to make a purchase, or to pay an access fee.

You may also correspond with decorators on the site's blog. It's online at Altogether Home. The decorator's blog section is at Haven Altogether Home.

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