Power crews work to restore power to Ewing, N.J.

EWING TWP., N.J. - November 2, 2012

But there are still some who are without power.

Action News was in Ewing Township, Mercer County, where power crews in that area still have a little work to do.

It was a remarkable sight with 1/5 of mile of power lines remain in the road and at least 11 poles snapped like matchsticks.

Crews believe the wind set the cables vibrating or galloping prompting the collapse.

"The polls a great distance start oscillating, and when the wind starts pushing it back and forth, it can only take so much of it before 'boom'!" explained Ed Vickner.

"When that pole snapped at 7:13, we heard the snap and a quarter of a second later, we lost power," said Bud Beck.

With temperatures in powerless homes dropping, Ewing Township officials have set up warming stations like the one at the Pennington Fire Company.

Ewing Township still has about 3,000 people without power. The mayor says that number should drop significantly once the power line is fixed.

"There's almost 1,000 residents who will get their power back, once this is restored," said Mayor Bert Steinmann.

One local church is canceling Sunday service opting for a community mission weekend instead.

"Rather than having a worship service, we're having service to the community," said Rev. R. Wesley Tink. "In this particular area, we're going to take people around to cut up trees and clear the properties."

Neighbors helping neighbors is a familiar theme in the area, and Action News is doing our part by providing a mobile generator to help residents power up their mobile devices free of charge.

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