Sandy destroys 20+ homes in NJ shore town

BAY HEAD, NJ - November 2, 2012

The hurricane force rains and winds blew through the garage and dumped several feet of sand in their living room.

"The front door got broken on the bottom. It washed in here, we're finding things from the garage in the kitchen," said Frank Hubbard.

The inside of the rest of the house has belongings tossed everywhere and covered with mud.

"I'm just glad that we're healthy and we're alive. Material things are not that important right now," said Ann Hubbard.

The losses for many residents are clear. Debris from ruined houses fills the streets and yards in the area.

"The older homes that are here are collapsing. You can see that as you go down the road every other home," said Art Murphy.

Hurricane Sandy didn't ruin everything. A local resident was able to save a Tony award from the home of Bon Jovi keyboardist and songwriter David Bryan.

"It was right on the mantelpiece. We took pictures of it, he was very happy it didn't get lost," said Peter Gilman.

Just south of Bay Head is Mantoloking - a town divided. The hurricane tore through the island creating a new inlet at the foot of the Mantoloking Bridge, splitting the island in half.

At least 20 homes have been destroyed and many others damaged. The town is still off limits and police have their hands full.

"All of our residents want to come back in, they want to see their properties. We understand that but it's not a tourist attraction. It's just not safe. People are bringing kids in, we've got looters still trying to come in the area," said Lt. John Barcus, Mantoloking Police Department.

Lt. Barcus says the extent of the damage is so bad that 80 percent of the houses may have to be knocked down and rebuilt.

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