Snow creates more problems for NJ residents

MANCHESTER TWP., N.J. - November 8, 2012

72-year-old Katie Bradley has no electricity and is trying to keep the house she lives in with her grandson warm.

"Arthritis and the whole bit, I am cold and the only reason I've been kind of comfortable is because I had a couple of burners on the stove," Bradley said.

"After the storm hit, five hours after we lost the power, then three days later the power came on. Three hours after the snowstorm hit the power's out again," Katie's grandson Thelonious Bowen said.

Tony Philips of the Pine Lake Park section had a falling tree crush the side of his backyard pool and another that landed next to his porch.

He says the effects of a hurricane and a snowstorm are starting to add up.

"It feels like just about too much. We've had it, we need a break," Phillips said.

Nearby Lakehurst had its share of problems from last night's storm, too.

"We have no lights, even at our home. The lights went out again because of the weight of the snow; the trees are falling all over the place," Pastor Bernard Jordan said.

"Didn't seem like that much until we woke up this morning and everything was just completely covered," Travis Burmeister said.

And the perfect kind of snow for making a snowman that's almost good enough to eat.

"We used ginger cookies for the buttons and eyes and a carrot for the nose," Jillian Riccio of Lakehurst said.

Back in Manchester, little Madeline McDevitt was having a ball in the snow. She says it's weird not having electricity.

"Sometimes when you go to turn a light on, it just doesn't come on," Madeline said. When the lights will come on for everyone is still unclear.

The power company is working on it, but the snowstorm was definitely a setback in the effort to restore power here.

Meanwhile in Brigantine, the big concern is the growth of mold.

"We're trying to avoid the mold issue," Chuck Smith said.

"Everything I've heard is that if water touched it and you don't get it dry in 24 hours, it's goodbye, you're going to have mold," homeowner Pat Smith said.

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