Barrier Islands face more losses post Sandy

TOMS RIVER, NJ - November 16, 2012

Kim and Mark Benway may be among those who've lost it all. On Friday, they came hoping to reclaim something from their Ortley Beach home, instead they left with empty suitcases.

"It has a red tag so it's not stable now but hopefully something will be repaired," said Mark Benway.

"I've never been in the military but I imagine this is what a war zone looks like," said Kim Benway.

On Route 37, APK Auto Repair is under police guard and investigation.

It's alleged that they've been towing cars from streets and private properties in Seaside Heights and then charging evacuees as much as $1,000 to get their cars back.

"I think it's despicable. These people are losing their houses and now they have to worry about their houses on top of that," said John Gary.

Crews helped to clean out a flooded home in the Bayshore section where debris from up and down the lagoon landed in Frank Dejackmo's yard.

"Just cleaning up and seeing if they're going to condemn the house or not. The whole foundation has been shifted," said Dejackmo.

Across the street, a few others took a break from pulling wet insulation out from under a house.

"Terrible smell - probably the worst smell in the entire world," said Austin Bunnell.

Meanwhile, the township has authorized emergency funds to begin shoring up the dunes along the oceanfront which were all washed away.

"Right now it's straight out to the ocean and even a real bad high tide or wind would have the water going back out to the streets again," said Mayor Tom Kelaher.

This weekend more people will be allowed back onto the Barrier Islands to see and assess the damage for themselves.

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