$500M Powerball fever grips the region

PHILADELPHIA - November 27, 2012

"That's a lot of money. I would have to help out and donate some money to people that need it," Peg Long of Roxborough said.

In Havertown, the Beer Guys have been working overtime on the Powerball machine.

And at a 7-11 in Roxborough, Slurpees and big dreams of becoming a millionaire were being bought a couple of dollars at time.

Cabbie Joe Stumpo jumped into a Powerball pool with 20 other taxi drivers.

What would he do if he won?

"Hide and call my lawyer," Joe said.

A financial advisor would tell you not a bad idea.

But right now, it seems everyone is just having a little fun thinking about what if?

A reminder that your shot at winning the jackpot is one in 175 million.

Tomorrow, the lines will most likely be much longer because Powerball officials say 60% of their sales happen the day of the drawing.

Watch the Powerball drawing Wednesday night live on Action News at 11.

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