Boyfriend 'person of interest' in woman's murder

HUNTING PARK - November 28, 2012

Police are searching for 33-year-old Dominique Haynes, a person of interest in Tuesday night's execution-style murder of his girlfriend, Rasheedah Blunt.

Blunt was shot at least five times in the chest, torso and arms, inside the apartment on the 3500 block of Old York Road in the Hunting Park section of the city around 11:30 p.m.

Police found her body on a bed on the second floor front bedroom.

The killing went down in the apartment the two had shared since September.

Neighbors told police they heard a loud domestic argument rage in her second floor apartment, then multiple gunshots, then saw a man fleeing the scene.

Haynes, who has a lengthy criminal record, immediately became the number one suspect.

"He's a live-in boyfriend, he hasn't been seen since. He did not show up for work today and we need to talk to him," Captain James Clark of the Philadelphia Police Department said.

27-year-old Rasheedah Blunt was killed as her 6-year-daughter slept in another room along with a 3-year-old male cousin.

Police say the children did not wake up until they arrived.

Blunt's relatives say they were all last together for a big family meal on Thanksgiving.

Ashley, a shocked, grieving cousin, says Haynes appeared to be a nice guy.

"He gave her everything she wanted. That's why I don't understand why he would do such a thing, to hurt her," Ashley said.

Police say Haynes has been out of jail for less than a year.

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