The gift bag that keeps on giving

PHILADELPHIA - December 11, 2012

That's an indication that shopping's done, and that people are ready to turn their purchases into presents. But a suburban woman got tired of buying paper and ribbon year-after-year and turned her frustration into a year-round business.

Isabelle Vesey created VZWRAPS Fabric Gift Bags. They're durable and good-looking enough that you'll want to keep them for years. They're relatively inexpensive, $3.25 to $14.00 depending on size.

They come with ribbon pre-attached. And Just about everything she sells is made with an eye toward sustainability. Vesey offers sizes right for most gifts. Everything is designed to be reused.

At first, she sewed all the bags herself. She still does a lot of the sewing, but the holidays created enough demand that she had to outsource the work to a local sewing contractor, thereby creating jobs.

She does make bags for other occasions, notably birthdays. She also makes wedding bags, and that product line has generated interest in custom work. Brides will request a particular fabric that ties in with their theme, and have bags made for wedding party gifts.

You can see and order bags on her website, VZWRAPS.

Her bags have been sent literally around the world, but most customers are in the U.S. This time of year she offers free shipping on orders over $50.00.

If you act now, you should receive your order in plenty of time for holiday giving.

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