South Philadelphia homicide has link to mob

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA - December 12, 2012

Officers were called out to the 2800 block of Iseminger Street in South Philadelphia Wednesday afternoon to investigate a murder.

Only Action News was on scene as Philadelphia Police took alleged mob soldier 41-year-old Anthony Nicodemo into custody for questioning in the murder of Gino DiPietro.

The shooting happened around 3:00 p.m. on the 2800 block of Iseminger.

DiPietro was getting into his pickup truck when he was shot dead.

"I heard the five gunshots, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom. I know they were gunshots," said neighbor Joe Lyons.

Witnesses soon told police the shooter fled in a Black Honda SUV.

A license plate number was provided that registered to the home of Nicodemo. Police responded to the home on South 17th street and found the SUV in the back alley and Nicodemo inside the home.

"My family knew him real well. I can't believe this happened. I was at work when I heard about it," said John Smith, Jr.

That was the reaction of friends who knew DiPietro, a father of two adult children.

But sources say DiPietro may have also had ties to the mob.

Nicodemo had previously been implicated in an illegal $22 million sports betting operation running out of the Borgata in Atlantic City. He was handed a suspended sentence, and soon was back on the streets.

Authorities are also looking to see if this killing has any ties to the ongoing racketeering trial of reputed mobster Joseph "Uncle Joe" Ligambi and six of his underlings. They are accused of using threats of violence to run illegal gambling and loan shark operations. Ligambi is described as the current boss of the Philadelphia Mob.

He and 6 of his associates are accused of using threats of violence to run an illegal gambling and loan sharking operation.

Police also say they are looking for another person in connection with this case. So far, no one has been charged.

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