Mrs. Fixit: Countdown to Christmas

December 15, 2012

Write out twenty five good deeds you'd like your family to do or accomplish before the holiday. Fold them and put them into a jar. Each day choose a card to spread some holiday good will all around.

You could also fill the cards with twenty five things you'd like to do as a family like make cookies, see the lights, go sledding, and pick out something to do together each day.

Print out or use scrapbooking elements to make a holiday picture with a blank area on it where you can write in numbers. Then, frame the picture behind glass. You can use a dry erase markers to change the number each day counting your way down to christmas!

You could also go with a classic and let the kids fashion paper chains from decorative paper. Tear one off each day for a fun countdown!

Easy ways to mark the days to the holiday. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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