Mrs. Fixit: Christmas Decor Ideas

December 16, 2012

For a garland that shimmers, cut pieces of tulle into rectangular strips and tie them around the cords portions of a string of christmas lights.

The lights will shine through the fabric for a soft, shimmery display.

For a retro look, punch holes in foil cupcake tins and thread the bulbs of your christmas lights through the back side. Fun and funky!

If you're looking for a door display, think past the traditional wreath.

Why not try a stocking. Hang it in on the door add some ribbon and trim or some small toys to fluff it up!

You could also string several ball ornaments onto some ribbon and positioning them at varying heights, tie them together with a pretty bow at the top and hang the entire display on the door.

Just a few inexpensive ideas to help you deck those holidays halls, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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