Mrs. Fixit: Sweet Holiday Ideas

December 23, 2012

For a super-cute edible serving tray, heat your oven to 350 degrees and start unwrapping starlight mints.

Arrange the mints on some parchment paper, wax paper or non-stick foil in the shape you'd like your tray.

Put the cook sheet in the oven for about ten minutes and then take it out and let it sit for another ten minutes.

Gently remove the candy from the tray and you've got a sweet tray for serving your holiday sweets.

Make some custom candy jars with vases, candle sticks and a couple of wood embellishments from the craft store.

You want to end up with a pedestal and lids for your glass candy jars, use a hot glue gun to connect your pieces to fashion these elements.

Spray paint the bases and lids to marry all of the pieces together and then use some hot glue to adhere your jar to the base.

Add some ribbon or other trim and you've got an adorable holiday display!

I hope you try these sweet ideas at your house! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.

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