Philadelphia man missing after crash in East Falls

EAST FALLS - December 19, 2012

The missing man is 33-year-old David Taundi of Roxborough, an employee at Bank of America and the local Alzheimer's Association.

The accident scene in the 5200 block of Henry Avenue is marked by signs of a scorching fire in the wee hours of Saturday morning. It is the last place police believe Taundi was spotted.

Police say his Toyota Camry hit a pole, then flipped over on its roof and caught fire. A witness told police a man in dark clothing crawled out of the driver's side and headed west on Henry.

Police believe it was Taundi, but he has not showed up anywhere.

David's father and police have been calling local hospitals and shelters, looking for a possible John Doe. But so far, no Taundi.

His father is very worried.

"It's very upsetting because today is Wednesday and he still hasn't been seen," said Josiya Taundi.

A police K-9 unit combed the woods off Henry Avenue near Walnut near Philadelphia University for a second time Wednesday. But so far, still no signs of David Taundi.

His father was there to help in the search and to thank police.

"We have a canine in the area, we'll just look around and see we can find him. Hopefully we'll find him without a scratch," said Philadelphia Police Lieutenant Michael Payne.

"I appreciate it immensely," said Josiya.

Police are following any possible leads. But so far Taundi's disappearance within seconds after the accident is baffling.

"The flames were too high for the witness to get any closer than he got. No one was in the car," said Payne, adding that the witness saw a man "get out of the car and walk away from the scene."

Why his son has not been seen or heard from since Friday baffles Josiya, who lives with his son about a mile from the accident scene.

"We appeal to anybody who may have seen him or offered any assistance. It's possible that a private citizen may have taken him to a facility and he had no identification, or anything could have happened," he said.

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