Amis Feast of the Seven Fishes

PHILADELPHIA - December 21, 2012

"They cook a lot of seafood in sofrito," Spence says, "which is basically onions, carrots, celery.... Cook down with olive oil and then they will add other fish to it. So we have a little bit of octopus, we have fluke from New Jersey, scallops from New Jersey and a little bit of swordfish."

So what exactly do the seven fishes signify?

"I have asked everybody what the reason is for the number 7 and I have gotten 20 different answers."

Some say it represents the number of Catholic sacraments. Others will tell you it celebrates the Bible's 7 days of creation.

But one this is for sure, it's all about the seafood.

"So I am going to say it's all about getting your family your together and having a good time! My kid cooks with me the day of, so it's awesome and the joy on his face frying the peppers and eating the mussels in his high chair. Yes, he loves it!"

When you are talking about the seven fishes you have to have at one point fennel and citrus at some point of the meal. To that you add seared scallops, and of course there's pasta!

"Yes! We are going to do an untraditional Bolognese pasta ragu. Traditional has beef, pork and veal but we are going to do it with tuna" and homemade tagliatelle.

Because Amis pays homage to Roman cuisine, he's adding a clam pizza to the menu.

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