Mrs. Fixit: Picture Display

December 30, 2012

Grab any good sized picture frame that you're not using for a nice display. Try to grab a frame that is at least 16 x 20.

If you would like to paint the frame, now is the time to do it.

Flip the frame onto its face on a flat surface and pound some nails along each of the long sides.

Space them about four inches apart and be sure they stick out far enough to catch your display lines.

Connect some wire, string, or ribbon to one of the uppermost corners and secure it with a knot.

Run the line back and forth across the open center of the frame so that you make lines to hang your pictures from.

Secure it all at the end just like at the beginning then flip the frame back around and hang it on the wall.

Now you can use clothespins, binder clips or paper clips to secure your pictures to the line.

An easy display that is easily changed as your mood suits you.

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