Unspoken rules of gym etiquette revealed

January 10, 2013 8:41:55 PM PST
Whether you're new to the gym or a regular, there is unspoken etiquette to follow.

At the Philadelphia Sports Club in Fairmount, members have some strong opinions on which rules are not meant to be broken.

"My biggest pet peeve is staying on the machine longer than a half an hour so nobody else can use it," Belinda Patrone said.

"Sitting on machines and talking on their cell phone," Nick Bowers said.

That's a pretty common one.

Even with signs posted, it wasn't hard to find someone breaking the rule.

In a gym, equipment is shared so personal trainer Janelle Tapia says if you want to use cardio machines longer than 30 minutes, it's best to work out during off-peak hours.

As for talking on the phone, be mindful, it can be distracting to others.

"Especially if they're having maybe a heated conversation on the phone, you don't want to be a part of that," Tapia said.

Luis Bute even hates when he's working out and people are socializing around him.

"You are in the zone, you don't want to hear all the extra stuff," Bute said.

Tapia says take the extra chit-chat outside.

Another pet peeve we heard was not putting weights back; not only is it not courteous, it can also be dangerous.

"If there is like 400 pounds on the leg press machine and someone can't lift that much, they have to take all the weights off it," Tapia said.

Speaking of equipment, again it's meant to be shared.

Jon Pesota doesn't like when others hog something.

"My biggest pet peeve is one person sitting on the bench forever in between sets, not doing anything, just hanging out," Pesota said.

He says it's best to let people work-in.

Also, remember to wipe down equipment.

It not only helps prevent the spread of germs such as from the flu, but not doing so is also, well, just gross.

One of my personal pet peeves is when I go on the treadmill ready to run and all I smell is what seems to be an overwhelming smell of cologne or perfume worn by someone around me.

Janelle says a lot of people complain about that one.

"Just a little deodorant, maybe?" Tapia said.

There is also some unspoken etiquette in the locker room.

"There are men, I am not sure about women, who come to the gym specifically just to walk around the bathroom sans clothing," Sam Cooper said.

Janelle says be mindful you are not at home.

"Using a towel is appreciated," Tapia said.

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