Hostess sells bread brands to Flowers Foods

January 11, 2013 9:10:38 PM PST
Hostess says it is selling most of its bread business, including the Wonder and Nature's Pride brands, to Flowers Foods Inc. for $390 million.

The bankrupt Hostess has agreed to sell many of its brands to the parent company of Tastykakes.

However, the deal doesn't include Twinkies.

Hostess' famous snack lines like Twinkies and Ho Ho's will be auctioned off separately.

Hostess, which is based in Irving, Texas, announced in November that it was shutting down its business and selling its bread, snacks and cakes brands along with its 33 bakeries and other operations.

The company's demise came after years of management turmoil and turnover.

Other brands included in the sale are Butternut, Home Pride, Merita and Beefsteak bread.

Flowers Foods is based in Thomasville, Ga.