Saving with 6abc: February deals

February 4, 2013 2:46:16 PM PST
Valentine's Day is just about a week and a half away, but we're showing you, and your wallet, some love today. Here are some of the best bargains you will find in February! February 4, 2013

Many people have sadly already fallen off the fitness bandwagon so in order to get those sales going again on fitness apparel, manufacturers lower prices.

All of the new models are rolling out now, so if you are OK with the last version or last year's model, now is the time to buy. You can save up to half off.

People travel in December and they travel in the summer, so with this travel lull, retailers slash prices on all travel-related goods and services from luggage to airfare and hotel deals.

Think Presidents' Day Sales! You can save up to 30% off during the 3-day weekend.

It's the Perfect Time to Get a High-End Coat! All cold weather companies like North Face and Columbia are finally dropping those prices. Since some coats will be marked up to 85% off, you can save hundreds of dollars.