Mrs. Fixit: Reuse Decorating

February 23, 2013 5:51:20 AM PST
If you have wallpaper samples and paint chips leftover from a recent decorating project, I have some creative re-uses!

Use wallpaper samples to line a wooden tray. Simply lay it in place and cover it with glass - the glass will protect the paper and weigh it down so you can change it out easily with your décor or the seasons.

A tip, use a craft knife and a straight edge to cut the paper for nice clean edges.

I also like to use wallpaper to cover matchboxes, when i'm giving candles as a gift. Just cut the paper to size and glue it to the top and bottom of the box.

You can make custom gift bags with old wallpaper. Find a box the size you want your bag. Cut the paper as if you were going to wrap the box like a gift.

Fold over the top edge and align it with the top edge of the box. Then wrap the rest gluing the back seam and using packing tape to seal the bottom. Slide it off of the box and use a hole punch to add holes for a ribbon handle!

You can also use a small pattern wallpaper to decorate a dollhouse!

Paint chips are great too. If you like scrapbooking - use paint chips as backing for pictures, they add great color and interest.

Use a shaped hole punch to cut shapes to add as decoration, these little cutouts are also great to use as confetti in cards or on a tabletop.

I also like to cut pieces from paint chips and piece them together as a dimensional piece of art.

I hope you try these ideas for reusing decorating items. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!