SPCA raids Marcus Hook shelter full of malnourished dogs

February 22, 2013 8:27:39 PM PST
SPCA officials say a woman posing as an animal rescue group owner was hoarding as many as 30 sick and emaciated dogs in Marcus Hook.

Authorities say the owner of Sixth Angels Shepherd Rescue Inc., has had a history with hoarding animals in Philadelphia.

Officials say the woman, who is also a lawyer, posed as an animal rescue group and collected animals from a number of states through the internet.

The SPCA served a search warrant at the animal shelter on the unit block of West 10th Street.

Dozens of dogs were removed from the shelter that officials say was not licensed or certified by the state.

"If you go around there it smelled like dog feces and urine, the lady that lives up there, she smells like feces, in the yard its nasty," said Dennis Soles.

Neighbors were alarmed the woman allegedly posed as animal rescue group to hoard animals.

"It is really crazy, I've never heard of it before. It's disgusting, it's disturbing and it's harming animals," said Jessica DeStefano.

The SPCA was alerted to the alleged abuse after the mayor received complaints from neighbors.

"I'm very happy that the SPCA, the Pennsylvania SPCA and the county, was able to work together to finally get these dogs rescued from this supposed rescue center," said Mayor James Schiliro.

Authorities are also considering pressing charges against a second person of interest, who was living in the small office.

After removing the animals, officials have condemned the property, deeming it unfit for human habitation.