Life-saving heroes honored by fellow postal workers

February 28, 2013 3:41:55 PM PST
Postal workers at the Trenton Processing Center on Route 130 couldn't stop applauding the heroic lifesaving efforts of two colleagues Thursday.

It was last September when Terrence Lyman and John Mallard were going about their workday when a co-worker collapsed with a heart attack.

The two men ran down the hall, performed CPR and used a defibrillator to save the life of Russ Childress, a maintenance supervisor.

Mallard said he had just taken a CPR course six weeks earlier and never thought he'd need the skills.

"Over the loudspeaker system came the call," he said. "When I arrived there, unfortunately Russ was not in a good position. The training just took over."

Both men got plaques, gifts and a thunderous standing ovation.

Lyman says he just reacted naturally and helped a friend. He said all the praise was overwhelming.

"I didn't expect this much. I didn't expect all these people. I'm touched. I really am touched," he said.

Childress was hospitalized and had a long recovery. He's back at work now and can't thank his colleagues enough for what they did.

"Thank you. That's the big quandry I have. How do you tell somebody 'thank you' for giving you a second chance at life?" he said.

Childress' grateful family was also on hand and spent the day thanking both men again and again!