H and R Block tax refund glitch

March 11, 2013 2:49:59 PM PDT
A tax refund glitch is causing headaches for customers of a popular tax preparer.

Angelo Adams of Elkins Park, Pa. had his family's taxes prepared by H and R Block, which offers a 100-percent accuracy and satisfaction guarantee.

Adams tells us the company also promised to get them a speedy refund "within 21 days."

The Adamses should have received their refund three days ago, and it is money they're counting on.

"Yes, we have bills to pay, bills to get caught up to," Angelo said. "We have kids in college, kids in school. Tuition has to be paid."

But the Adams family is STILL WAITING. And they're upset!

"Yes, they could have sent out a mass email to all their clients," said Angelo, "letting us know they have a problem, and the money's not there, and the money won't be there until we fix the problem. But we had to contact them. They didn't contact us."

It turns out there's a major problem with not only the Adamses' tax return, but apparently many, many others as well!

Angelo says the I.R.S. told him there'd been a glitch.

"And he said something about Form 8863 wasn't filled out right," he said. "They didn't check this box, checked that box."

On its Facebook page, H and R Block says the issue involves tax returns filed before February 22, 2013 that included certain education tax credits claimed on Form 8863.

The company also says, "We have worked with the IRS to expedite a solution to this issue for all of our affected clients."

It says that if clients have received a notice that "it would take 6 to 8 weeks to receive a refund after this issue was resolved, we are assured it will not take that long. We will continue to update clients as more information becomes available."

Unfortunately, if you're someone affected by this, all you can do is wait.

Angelo says the I.R.S. told him to wait for a reference letter from I.R.S., then take that to H and R Block.

And the I.R.S. tells me if you discover any mistake has been made on a return you've already filed, DO NOT send in an amended return right away.

You need to wait until your original return is processed. Let it go through the system and collect your refund or pay what you owe and THEN amend the return.