Sleeping Beauty comes to the Kimmel Center stage

May 15, 2013 8:48:53 AM PDT
For everyone out there waiting for their Prince Charming, he's coming soon to the Kimmel Center.

It's the classic children's fairytale, Sleeping Beauty. Full of magic, excitement, and a dashing Prince Charming, it's taking the stage at the Kimmel Center next weekend.

For over 43 years, American Theater Arts for Youth has been creating musicals that capture the essence of the most beloved children's stories.

Laurie Wagman, Founder and Chairman said, "Sleeping Beauty is timeless. It's part of the culture of childhood. We did it before, these are all new sets, all new costumes. Of course an all new cast."

From the dazzling costumes to the enormous set, the production visually takes you back to medieval times.

"Some shows we do there's not an excuse use glitter and sequins but by golly in this one, there's plenty of that and we love it," added Wagman.

Remember Sleeping Beauty's spinning wheel, the pierce from which put her in a deep sleep?an evil curse that only a prince's kiss could break? Producers searched far and wide for one that looked truly authentic!

"We went to antique shops and finally found a, by golly, a genuine spinning wheel," said Wagman.

There's more to this tale than just singing and dancing.

Wagman added, "It touches imagination, allows you to dream, allows you to hope. That's what theater is all about."

Sleeping Beauty runs March 22nd and 23rd at the Kimmel Center. For tickets and show times, visit the Kimmel Center.