Travelling thieves wanted for Bucks Co. car burglaries

May 4, 2013 4:52:22 AM PDT
There is a traveling group of thieves so calculating and efficient that police have given it a name: The Felony Lane Gang.

After allegedly stealing people's personal information, the thieves go to banks trying to make withdrawals.

They alter their appearance to look like their victims and use the outside lane at drive through banks. Law enforcement commonly refers to this lane as the 'felony lane.'

Newtown Police tell Action News they suspect the Felony Lane Gang is responsible for at least two recent car burglaries in the township.

Investigators say the group targets daycares, fitness centers and parks where moms tend to be. The men will break the car windows and steal wallets, purses, and pocketbooks.

Female accomplices will then assume the identities of the victims, alter their appearance with wigs and sunglasses and drive up to banks to make cash withdrawals.

"It's pretty crazy, makes me think I shouldn't be doing some of things I'm doing like keeping my pocketbook in the car," said Monique Williams.

Police say The Felony Lane Gang has been committing car burglaries up and down the I-95 corridor from Florida, where the group is from, to New Jersey.

The transient criminals use rental cars and switch license plates to keep detectives off their tail.

"We live in the suburbs. We think it's a safe community and we probably end up ignoring these things," said Jay Williams.

"We don't need that in Newtown. We don't need that anywhere but in Newtown not good," said Cheryl Nolen.

Authorities are urging people - especially moms - to lock their belongings in the trunk or take them along.