Final preps for Blue Cross Broad Street Run

May 4, 2013 7:45:31 PM PDT
With the start of the 34th annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run almost here, thousands of runners geared up for the big race.

The high energy feeling seemed to be running through a busy Center City on Saturday.

"How am I feeling right now? Really excited about this, I think this might be my last one but I say it every year 'This is my last Broad Street," said Catherine O'Gorman.

About 40,000 runners are expected to make the 10 mile track from North Philadelphia all the way down to the Navy Yard at the end of South Broad Street.

"Recently I had a few people die of cancer. My father, my mother-in-law and my grandmother so I want to do something that's going to help cancer," said Joel Devine.

A lot people have their motivation and reasons for running Broad Street.

However just weeks after the deadly Boston Marathon bombings, thousands will be sporting red socks in honor of the victims.

"For people to get hurt doing something so positive it's really sad, so hopefully we can support them by doing our best here," said Shirley Viteri.

This will be being one of the first races in a major city since the bombings.

That's one of the many reasons the city has increased security adding moveable surveillance platforms, more police officers and security measures officials say you'll never know about.

"I'm just not worried about it. I'm ready to go, I feel like they will do everything they can," said Susan Simpson.

While there will be some noticeable changes this year, runners say there's one thing that can't be affected: the spirit of the Broad Street Run.

"I like to wave at everybody and I think it's a party in the street so for me I feel like Broad Street is one 10 mile party," said O'Gorman.

For more information on what runners and spectators need to know before heading out

SEPTA has also announced a number of road closures and detours. For more information click here.