Pay 6 Forward: Woodbury, N.J.

May 15, 2013 1:46:28 PM PDT
I went to Woodbury NJ and held up my sign: "I'm giving away 600 dollars, ask me how." We explained the rules to anyone who asked: you can't keep the money yourself, you have to give it to someone in need.

I met a couple of people, but no one could think of anyone on the spot. So I kept trying.

That's the trick: the person you select has to be nearby so we can surprise them!

Jamie Lugiano of Westville, N.J. nominated his neighbor.

"Tiffany Ripley is a great girl," said Jamie. "Her husband passed away a couple of years ago. She's going through some rough times and she definitely could use it."

So after a quick call, we showed up at Tiffany's door. Needless to say, she was surprised to see us.

"I was at the supermarket today," Jamie told her, "and Action News asked me if I knew anyone that's been going through some hard times and maybe could use a little extra cash. And of course I thought of my wonderful neighbor!"

Years after her husband suddenly passed, Tiffany finally picked up the pieces of her life and has moved on and even has another child.

But she never forgot the generous neighbors who helped her through the hard times.

"It's been rough, but we manage," said Tiffany. "My daughter was seven, and I have to show her that life goes on and you can't let it knock you down. You have to just get up every day and put a smile on your face and keep pushing forward."

So we paid 6 forward to Jaime. And then he paid it forward to Tiffany.

Tiffany seems to focus on what really matters. The shed in her yard has been unfinished for many years. Little by little she saves up for improvements. But most of her time and money is spent on her kids.

When I asked her what she'd be spending the money on, she said diapers. And she doesn't own a dryer, so she's hoping this will be the year to buy one.

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