Black bear spotted in Bucks County

May 16, 2013 3:47:41 PM PDT
The search is on for a black bear spotted Wednesday in the area of Zimmerman Lane in Hulmeville, Bucks County.

At one point the bear pulled over the bird feeder of Hulmeville resident Bill Gallagher.

"Well, I knew the bear did it. I knew he was around this neighborhood. [He's] about 400 pounds," Gallagher said.

The Game Commission thinks the bear has been traveling.

It's thought he was first spotted May 7th north in Solebury Township, May 8th in Plumstead Township, two days later in Buckingham Township, then back to Plumstead on the 12th, and then yesterday in Middletown Township.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Cassie Zliceski says, one theory, he's looking for a girl bear.

"This is time of year they are looking to breed; he could be looking for a female, which there are none down here, so hopefully he'll keep moving," Zliceski said.

Photographer Ron Best is keeping an eye out.

"I love wildlife. Here it is mixing in with society," Best said.

Bears mixing with people sometimes trigger trapping operations, but so far, with the exception of the bird feeder, this bear has been behaving himself.

The hope is he will head north on his own.

In the meantime, should you stumble on a black bear, Zliceski's advice is don't panic.

"Black bears for the most part are afraid of people. If you do see a black bear, do not approach it. Make some noise; make it know you are there. Slowly back away, but do not run," Zliceski said.