Sandcastle looks to break records at Jersey Shore

May 22, 2013 3:55:19 PM PDT
A man from the state of Maine is at the New Jersey shore, at Point Pleasant beach, trying to create some excitement by using sand to scale unprecedented heights.

This is what it looks like when you try to build the world's tallest sand castle.

Ed Jarrett heard his old college buddy describe the devastation at the shore after Sandy and decided to come to Ocean County and begin work on what's called the "Sandy Castle".

"You're gonna need people, the tourism to come back and really support the shore. Let's do something they're gonna want to come see and also see something that's a pinnacle of coming back," Jarrett said.

Since March, over 4,000 volunteers have been part of the bucket brigade, shoveling 1.6 million pounds of sand into pails and passing them up to the top where Ed dumps it, wets it down and packs it.

"It gives you a feeling of being able to give back a little bit, show hope for the future," volunteer Fran Graffeo said.

"I think this is gonna let people know we still want to have fun at the Jersey Shore, we're not dead, you know?" volunteer Jim Benson said.

The wooden mold will be removed shortly, leaving the free-standing castle. Ed will then begin carving intricate figures all around it.

When the sandcastle is completed they'll charge admission to get up close and every dime of the money raised will go to Hometown Heroes, an organization that's helping storm victims.

"I think this is great, it's just wonderful they do things like this. It takes people's minds off everything and makes the beach look better and everybody gets to help out," Mike Dusza of Brick, New Jersey said.

Ed holds the current Guinness Book of World Records title for a 37-foot sandcastle he built, he wants to top that and make this one 50 feet high.

"I think this is a lifelong quest of mine to keep going and helping good causes and building these beautiful castles," Jarrett said.