Mrs. Fixit: Tiered Planter

Juner 15, 2013

For this project you need three terra cotta pots in varied sizes (one small, one medium and one large). You can change the size of these pots depending upon where you want to display the planter.

You will also need two plastic pots that will fit upside down inside of the two bigger terra cotta pots leaving enough space for both soil and flowers around them.

Flip your first plastic pot upside down in your largest terra cotta pot, and then fill the remaining space with soil and plant your flowers around the perimeter of the pot.

Repeat this process for your middle sized pot, and then plant the smallest pot with what ever flowers you choose.

Once all of the plants are in place, stack the pots on top of the flipped over plastic pots.

A wonderful tiered display that will last through the season. I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!

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