Booking photos of 3 charged in South Philly car vandalism


23-year-old Bianca Beck, 27-year-old David Whitfield and 29-year-old David Baker are each charged with 39 counts of criminal mischief, possessions of instruments of a crime and criminal conspiracy.

Philadelphia Police Lieutenant John Stanford told reporters Saturday night, "This is a serious crime. It's not violent, but it cost people money."

Police say the vandalism took place around 4:00 a.m. Friday. In the end 39 cars were vandalized. Tires were slashed, keyed and windshields scratched all between 17th and 18th streets from Carpenter to Bainbridge streets in South Philadelphia.

Police say knives were their weapons of choice.

Friday afternoon police released surveillance video showing three suspects walking along the 1700 block of Catherine Street. In the video at least one bends down and appears to slash a tire, and another suspect appears to try and steal a bike but is unsuccessful.

According to police, after releasing the video to the media one of the suspects surrendered to police on Saturday, identifying the other two suspects involved.

Stanford says the arrests show private and city cameras are vital to helping police.

"We try to let people know the importance of video. People think sometimes it's just important for homicides or shootings, but it's equally important for everything else," explained Stanford.

There is a 4th person seen on the video released Friday. Police say that person is not involved.

All three suspects do have criminal records.

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