Rapper shot dead one week after anti-violence rally in Philadelphia

LOGAN - June 21, 2013

Homicide detectives at Police Headquarters have some leads, but no suspects and no motive yet. Ironically, the victim had lent his support to a "Stop the Violence" rally just last weekend.

"He was a great dude, great friend, great mentor. All he wanted to do was make music," said fellow rapper Mont Brown.

34-year-old James Davis was gunned down outside his home on Church Lane in the city's Logan section Thursday. Police say it was an execution style killing.

Davis was also known by his stage name, Jimme Wallstreet. He was well-known as a rapper on the local hip-hop scene.

Other rappers say he was on the verge of a breakthrough.

"He worked so long to put himself in a position to do bigger things and hopefully get his family and his friends out of their situation. And now for something like this to happen, it's just crazy," said rapper Pace-O-Beats of Astronauts Really Fly.

Just last weekend, Jimme Wallstreet attended the Kick Back Block Party at 55th and Chester.

It was a "Stop the Violence" rally organized by Mont Brown and his partner, Pace-O-Beats.

Their lives have both been touched by violence, and they have dedicated their musical efforts to ending the vicious cycle.

"My father, he was gunned down through violence. My friend Ivan, he was gunned down in violence. My mother's incarcerated right now. So we're just trying to make a change," said Mont Brown.

Jimme Wallstreet joined that effort only to be gunned down a few days later.

Police say he has an arrest record for minor drug charges and a string of auto thefts.

His friends say that was all in his past. They say he had no enemies.

"He was a really good guy, always had jokes. Kept it light, man. For this to happen is just so sad," said Pace-O-Beats.

There's no telling how far Jimme Wallstreet's music may have taken him, and his friends will never know.

Police say there were witnesses out there Thursday when Jimme was gunned down, and they were hoping to learn more on Friday.

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