Mrs. Fixit: Reuses for corks

June 30, 2013

Since cork is heat resistant, why not make a trivet? Just find an old wooden picture frame and glue it onto a piece of cardboard. Now just glue the corks onto the cardboard using whatever pattern you like!

You can also hang it and use it as a bulletin board.

Corks also make awesome place card-holders. Just cut the cork in-half and make a grove across the rounded top of each half. Then, just slide each name tag into the slit.

Use a cork to create a floating key chain, attach a key ring to a small screw eye and glue it onto the top of the cork. Now add your keys!

For a more decorative look, add a small eye hook and some charms to the bottom.

Champagne corks can also substitute for drawer knobs. Use pointed screws that are the same diameter and at least as long as the original knob screw.

Twist the cork in a clockwise direction until its flush against the face of the drawer.

Easy ways to turn those corks into useful items. Cheers!

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