Assisted-living residents ordered to leave Philadelphia facility

PHILADELPHIA - July 5, 2013

That has come as a shock to many at Harbor View Towers, including 72-year-old Marvin Halpern.

Halpern was stunned, because he just moved into the facility a week ago. His belongings are still in boxes, and now, just days after moving in, he's left looking for another home.

An elevator ride Friday was one of Halpern's first at Harbor View, and it will also be one of his last.

"I really thought I was going to like it here," he told me.

Halpern gave us a tour of his one-bedroom apartment in this assisted-living facility in the Torresdale section of Philadelphia, an apartment he has called home for just 8 days.

He says he was given a notice that says Harbor View will be closing August 2nd.

The facility held a meeting for stunned residents on July 2nd. But Halpern says administrators gave no reason why the facility was shutting down.

"It's like they are pushing us out," he said.

The letter that followed served as residents' "official 30-day notice of termination of your resident agreement or lease." It said the owners would try to "assist you with the relocation process."

"I feel it was only right they should have told me to begin with, before I moved in," said Halpern. "I would have found another place. I wouldn't have moved in."

Other families and staff told us off-camera they were very disappointed the building was closing its doors so suddenly.

It's left residents scared, some speculating what is next for them, and why the unexpected change.

"They want to open it up later on and they want to raise the rent," Halpern believes. "They have 200 apartments there. They are going to try to make money. That is what they are trying to do. They are trying to make more money."

We did speak with a spokesperson from the company by telephone Friday who said, "This is a business decision. The building will not be re-opened as a personal care facility, and what happens next is of no interest to the current residents."

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