6abc Loves the Arts: Art Splash

July 21, 2013

Kids can explore 'The Art of Jerry Pinkney,' the famed children's book illustrator from Philadelphia then make their own Pinkney-inspired art.

"Seeing it in person is going to be, kids are going to experience his work on a whole new level than they do looking at his books at home," Emily Schreiner, Associate Curator of Education for Family & Community Learning, said.

An exhibit called 'Candy Coated Wonderland' is a whimsical look at the museum's fancy children's costume collection.

'All Dressed Up' showcases fashion from the late 18th to mid-20th centuries …and kids can design their own period clothing.

"'Family Portraits' opens up our idea of about what families are like and how people take pictures of their families," Schreiner said.

And 'Design for the Modern Child' shows how everyday objects can be pieces of art.

"We've designed it, literally like scavenger hunts along the floor that kids can follow, little examples of the materials that kids can touch," Schreiner said.

Art Splash is in the museum's Perelman Building. The atrium is filled with copycat objects from the exhibits that kids can play with.

The 14-foot high cardboard cubby house is a huge hit.

"The cubby is fabulous. It even is made with one opening that's large enough for a child in a wheelchair to be able to get in and explore," Schreiner said.

There are tours twice daily and special events throughout the summer.

For the full schedule, visit philamuseum.org/artsplash.

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