Screaming woman scamming Bucks County restaurants

LANGHORNE, Pa. - July 25, 2013

Police say the woman and her alleged accomplice, caught on surveillance video, are still on the loose, trying the same story at area restaurants.

"She said she was in weeks ago, a server spilled soup on her, she talked to a manager, they said they'd pay for dry cleaning," said Tammy Asta of the Langhorne Hotel.

Owners at this hotel and down the road at Langhorne's Bella Tori say Wednesday night a woman seen in surveillance video scammed them both

"She was starting to make a scene," said Eric Yacker of Bella Tori.

At the height of the dinner rush, between 8:00 and 9:00 p.m. the woman brought a dry cleaning receipt for $183.50 from a Teaneck N.J. Marriott with the name Dr. Shea.

But she only asked each business for $83.50, claiming her Chanel suit was ruined by a spill.

"She claimed to be an orthopedic surgeon," said Asta, "talking about MRIs, antibiotics . . . ."

"When I told her I wouldn't give her the money, she said, 'I'm sending you the bill for the whole suit,'" said Yacker.

Both restaurants paid her to stop a scene in front of customers.

Bella Tori staff thinks she also stole the hostess's wallet. And a Maple Avenue resident says he was duped, too.

"She asked me if I knew where any NICE restaurants were," he said, adding he thinks he unknowingly pointed her to her victims

Police are asking you to look closely at the surveillance video. The woman has long dark hair and olive skin, and she may go by the name Denise.

She has a male accomplice who is seen here behind the wheel of a white Chrysler convertible. He may have an accent.

The restaurant owners say they did what they thought was best in the moment.

"I feel duped," said Yacker. "I don't want it to happen to other restaurants."

"Customers are customers," said Asta. "You don't want to discourage someone from coming back."

Bella Tori staff found the hostess's wallet in the restroom minus her cash.

Police say it's still early in their investigation but they want more restaurants to come forward if this scam sounds familiar.

For the record, the Marriott in Teaneck told the owner here they have no record of that dry cleaning receipt.

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