'Freshman 15' a myth, but college weight gain common

PHILADELPHIA, PA.; Aug 18, 2013

The good news is the Freshman 15 is a myth.. The average freshman actually gains only about 2 and a half pounds.

Unfortunately, though - those extra pounds are usually the start of a progressive weight gain that lasts into adulthood.

To head off excess pounds, stock your room or apartment with healthy snacks, including lots of fruit, peanuts, and carrots.

Get a good breakfast - either before or after those early classes.

A morning meal helps burn calories all day.

Don't drink your calories - alcohol is very high in calories and can pack on pounds quickly.

Finally, stay active - walk as much as you can to burn calories, burn off stress, and keep your energy up. Fortunately, life on most college campuses involves a lot of walking.

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