Back to School Guide: Healthy meals


So how how can you keep them fed and boost their brains at the same time?

"Cheerios and fruit, slices of whole-grain bread with butter, we've already combined a whole bunch of things at that point," 'Neurology' nutritionist Dr. Paul Stefanelli said. "Granola, French Toast, whole-grain bread with a little bit of butter, whole-grain pancakes, whole-grain waffles. You can get a lot of stuff in the frozen food department that's already prepared."

Dr. Stefanelli knows how to feed bodies and brains. He says steer clear of "bars" for breakfast, because they have too much sugar. He says stick with real food, like bananas, oatmeal with fruit, and peanut butter for protein. You want the jars with the oil on top. Just store them upside down in the fridge.

For lunch, no white bread, because it's pointless. You want whole grain, and stay away from fruit in juice. Just get fruits and vegetables, and put them in half baggies.

"Bang, pick it up, start chewing," Dr. Stefanelli said.

Put ranch in another baggie. And instead of chips, get veggie sticks.

"These are crunchy, kids will love eating them and they have different colors and tastes," Dr. Stefanelli said.

Clementines are easy to peel and yummy. Put together sandwiches with whole-grain bread and get apples cut up in bags. Also, don't forget eggs for any meal. They are brain food!

"Throw some cheese in there, and I put some low-sodium ham or meats on there," Dr. Stefanelli said. "Make an omelet and you can get some vegetables in there."

That will send your kids back to school happy and healthy.

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